This Sunday

Spring Training

Rev. Barnaby Feder

As baseball players gather to prepare for Opening Day at the end of March and a new president rejected by a large majority of Vermonters takes office, Rev. Barnaby asks what kind of stretching we’re called to do as UU’s.

Rev. Barnaby Writes

From the Minister

Months ago, I anticipated that you would not want to come back for a Sunday morning worship service on the heels of our wonderful Saturday evening Christmas Eve services, no matter which of them you attended. Sunday morning, I imagined, would be a time for family, visits with friends, and perhaps, if the weather cooperated, an outdoor adventure.

But as I looked forward to Christmas Day, and especially after an election campaign that so many of us found upsetting, I began to feel CVUUS might need to be open as usual on that Sunday, even if we weren’t going to worship as usual. Not everyone is always fortunate enough to be engaged celebrating Christmas with family, close friends, or caring neighbors.

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Save the Dates!

Mass Incarceration in Vermont, Thur Jan 19, 7 pm

Join us for an educational forum starting with a brief overview of Vermont’s use of incarceration followed by a presentation of the Stories Project, which includes excerpts from letters of people who are incarcerated and a few video clips of people who are formerly incarcerated. Lastly, we hear from a panel which includes an array of perspectives connected to the criminal justice system and then open up the discussion for Q + A. Read More about “Mass Incarceration in Vermont, Thur Jan 19, 7 pm”

Member Stories

As some of you know, I was raised in this community from the age of 9. I vaguely remember the infamous first meeting in the Berninghausen’s, and remember well every stage of our growth leading up to this lovely space. In the early days of planning CVUUS it was my own mother who made the “piss or get off the pot” pronouncement which perhaps prompted the paths of fate which have brought us all together today. I know her bluntness and aforementioned approach to life and decisions has prompted many a move in my own life.

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